Why Having A 'Boring' Routine Is The Key To Creativity - Refinery29

When he is in writing mode, novelist Haruki Murakami gets up at 4am and writes for five hours. In the afternoon he runs 10km or swims 1500m and spends his evening reading and listening to music before going to bed at 9pm. Why? “The repetition itself becomes the important thing; it’s a form of mesmerism. I mesmerise myself to reach a deeper state of mind,” he told The Paris Review

Why Being by the seaside benefits ouR wellbeing - The Simple Things magazine

As children we built castles on its shores, as teenagers we sought thrills in the surf and now, as we contemplate it's might and majesty, it serves to soothe and rejuvenate. We instinctively know the sea does wonders for our wellbeing - but why?

Blurred Lines - The Simple Things Magazine

Working flexibly has obvious advantages, but indistinct boundaries between home and work mean we need to lay down some ground rules. As those of us who have carved out a flexible work/home lifestyle for ourselves well know, it's not all cups of coffee in the garden and five o'clock finishes.


We’re supposed to shave our legs and wax our brows. We’re meant to dye our roots and stop wrinkles. We should eat well and exercise regularly and drink eight glasses of water a day. We ought to wear spanx, have pearly white teeth and walk in heels with the grace of a runway model. And we should, above all else, not bang on about it.

Brunch according to your Myers-Briggs Type - eXTRA cRISPY (TIME INC.)

You head to the new pancake shack and are pleased to see it’s buzzing with a crowd. You order the Ultimate Sweet ‘n’ Savoury Pancake Challenger Stack louder than is strictly necessary. Midway through, your face slick with syrup, you begin to regret your decision. The crowd starts chanting your name and all is well in the world once again.

The mental benefits of lifting heavy things - The Pool

I’ve never been one for exercise. I’m about as co-ordinated as a drunk giraffe and have the technical sporting prowess of Phoebe Buffay. Suffice to say P.E was a grim ordeal that left me thinking exercise = running around a boggy field in unflattering shorts being shouted at by sadistic P.E teachers.


Is your to-do list spiralling out of control? Do you feel the constant need to keep updating and improving your home? Are you always buying new things, only for the shine to eventually wear off? If you've answered yes to at least one of these questions then it sounds like you might benefit from a bit of wabi-sabi.

I followed a Korean skincare routine for a month and this is what happened - metro

I started taking better care of my skin last year (well I say better… until recently my idea of ‘skincare’ was tilting my head up in the shower) and surprise surprise, my skin improved. Hooked on the results, I decided to try a 10-step Korean skincare routine for a month.

Can you have a feminist wedding? - Wed Magazine

I have a conundrum: I’m getting married and consider myself a feminist (equality for men and women, yay). I like to believe these things are not mutually exclusive but, as I delve deeper into the world of wedding traditions, I’m starting to wonder if that’s possible. Here is my hodgepodge of a plan to try and manage both, sanely.